Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Overview of June

Wow!  How can I even begin?  Where do you start when your mind is full and overflowing with thoughts, and you have about 8 weeks of details to sort out?

Maybe I will give an overview of our trip, in this post and then delve a little deeper into certain aspects in separate posts.  Sound like a good plan? Great! Let's begin. 

Sunset over lake CD'A

We left Idaho on Memorial Day, just one day after my grandparents and aunt and uncle left driving our van down to OK for us.  We hardly stopped at all on the way down, and were able to arrive at grandpa and grandma's late Wednesday night. 

Got to see dear "Jillibean".  A sweet friend, sister in Christ, fellow karate person, and one of the people who has poured so much time into our training.

The following day was a blur.  The next one was too, and the next, and the next, and just continue that for 3 more weeks.; )  Friday, I took my final CLEP exam for the semester (passed) and we were able to see our dear friends the Chippeaux's.  We met them at both our families' favorite park, one we always used to meet at, and then spent the evening with them at their home. 

We took this same picture with them over 2 years ago in front of their fireplace.  Not only is there one more child in the picture but everyone has grown SO much!
Love this girl!

It was hard to leave and stop hugging them.  They are very dear to our hearts. 

Saturday, we drove up to Mr. Holzbauer, our sensei's place, and arrived there at about 10 that night.  Daddy had to fly out the next morning at 5:30 from the Tulsa airport, to come back home so he could work the following week. Yes, I think we are slightly crazy.  But crazy isn't always bad, right? 

We started our training that same afternoon, with a 2 hour workout, and then spent the next 3 weeks packing in at least 8 months worth of training.  It was hard, exhausting, and stretching (no pun intended). But at the same time,  it was 3 weeks of encouragement, blessing, and love.  One of those weeks was filled with camps: family camp, youth internship and karate camp, and brown/black belt camp. It was a great week filled with hard training, physical labor, spiritual training, and lots of fun!  We got to see old friends, and make a lot of new!  

 The dojo.  Cool right? It is built after the traditional Japanese style. 

Doing bo kata. 

 This was taken during youth camp.  There was 30+ of us packed into this living room, watching Secondhand Lion, and eating popcorn!: )  FUN!
Arm wrestling...    (my brother is the one winning BTW!:)

June 23rd, Chris, Matt, Kat, Laura, and I all tested (mom was unable to due to injury, and Paul and Sam weren't quite ready).  Matt, Kat, and Laura were all able to promote one rank, and Chris and I promoted two.  It was a VERY hard evening, but well worth it!  Chris and I will be testing for black belt next March (more on that in a later post).  Daddy surprised us by flying in and showing up at the church where our test was being held, right before it started.  We thought he was going to miss it, due to work, and wouldn't be flying in until 2 days later.  Boy is he a good tricker.  None of us even suspected not even mommy, and they have been married for almost 20 years so that should say something!

All of us at Braums after our test- worn out and sore, but happy. 

During our stay at Sensei's place, we went to the church of some dear people.  Our friends, the Morlans, go to church not far from where we were, and Mr. Morlan happens to be the pastor of the church.  We got to spend a delightful, and all too short afternoon with them. 

 Love all of these girls too!

 19 kids from just 2 families?? And we were missing 2 from this picture!:)

Also love this girl! 

It was hard to say goodbye, and again, hard to stop hugging them.  They are dear, sweet people.

The day after our test, we drove back down to the Piedmont area, and spent the next couple of days in and out of grandpa and grandpa's house.  We spent time with them, and Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dave, who live one block over from Grandpa and Grandma.

Watching duck dynasty late into the night, a girls only (Jack didn't count) trip to Cheesecake factory, swimming, and shopping at our favorite Western outfitter stores in OKC filled the rest of our time, until Sunday.  Sunday, the 29th we left OKC and started to head back to Idaho! 

During our trip back home, we hit a favorite, leather/silversmithing supply place in NM, laid over in Moab UT and went rock climbing, drove through Salt Lake City, and finally made our way back home traveling straight up the state of Idaho (as straight as the roads allow that is) 

"We girls" driving in our van across the country.

Rock climbing and repelling 

5 1/2 weeks after we set out, we arrived back home, tired but happy.  The next day?  Back into the old routine!  

How was your month of June?  



  1. Great overview! You all sure packed a lot into June! I'm so glad you're all back now:)

  2. That last picture is hilarious! And I love the 3rd from the bottom too. I'm glad the trip went well!


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