Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Month of Light // Photography

I have two things to tell you all today.  One is a confession and the other is a surprise for you.  The confession I have to make is somewhat of a secret.  Can I trust you all with the secret?  Cross your heart and pinkie promise you won't tell anyone?   You won't? (you had better not be crossing your fingers behind your back!)  Ok then, *deep breathe*  here goes the hard part of 'fessing up...

I have a problem.  I know, I know, surprising right?  That probably just shattered your whole world to pieces.  My problem is being a pack rat, or collector if you will.  More specifically, a light and pretty colors collector.  Some people collect tangible things that you can hold (losing everything in a tornado was enough to cure me of that one!) but I collect sunsets, sunrises, and light.  It's a horrible disease I tell you;  I can't seem to help myself when a good opportunity to capture light presents it's self.  It is as if life MUST be paused.  It's quite inconvenient, but boy, oh boy do I enjoy it.   

Over the years I have gotten quite the collection of sunrises, sunsets, and general light photography.  They are like an old record collection, even if they aren't the best quality, I just can't seem to get rid of them.   This past week, I've gone back and found all my pictures from over the years, pulled out the best ones and am going to share them with you all over the next 4 weeks.  SUH-PRISE! =) 

From Oklahoma to Idaho and places in-between;  some were taken with my Nikon, and others were taken with my iPhone; some were taken while driving down the interstate at 70Hmiles an hour, and others had more time put into them.  Whatever the circumstances of their capture, whatever the level of their "photographorial" correctness,  I hope you enjoy them! 

I'll be back next weekend with the second installment of this series!

Until then, g'day to you.



  1. I love light photography like you have here! Thanks for brightening my day... =)

  2. ROLF!! I laughed through the whole post! πŸ˜„ I love how you depicted the disease of "Capturing Light"!! I'd agree that it's a terrible disease to have and often seems incurable! I find it continually tugging like an addict for liquor to go find more!! MORE!!! It's never satisfied! Finding some may fulfill the perceived void for a moment, but it never seems to last long. It never seems to release it's grasp, causing a person to continually follow in pursuit. Leaving a continual longing to go find breathtaking places! Chg! Yes I've literally chased sunsets!! πŸ˜‚

    Great pictures! You've got some real winners. 😊

  3. Hi Maria! I thought I had lost your blog, but so glad to find it- and with some nice refreshment on the design. :)
    I also am addicted to sunsets (and sunrises, if I get up that early). It is a great problem to have since God never makes an ugly one.


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