Sunday, July 17, 2016

Celebrating the Blessing of Singleness + A Challenge

PC: Gabriel Monson
We see plenty of posts on social media celebrating how blessed someone is because they are "in a relationship", engaged, or happily married, but when was the last time you saw a post celebrating the blessing of singleness? "Is that even a thing?", some may ask.
I'm nearing my 20th birthday and I've got to say that I feel SO incredibly blessed and thankful for this time of young adulthood and being single. I'm extremely happy with where God has me right now; and beyond just being content, I'm living a life that is filled with passion, purpose, and doing what I love.
I have the ability to full throttle pursue the goals and dreams God has laid on my heart without having the distraction of "a relationship". Friendships alone can take a lot of time to maintain but add in there the emotional highs and lows that can come from two imperfect people being in a romantic relationship and more than likely many things will be put on the back burner.
One day, I hope to marry and have as many children as God would give me. At that time, with God's help and grace, I plan on putting everything I am into being the most supportive and loving wife and mother that I can be. I still hope to continue with things such as teaching and learning karate, photography, and horses, but those will definitely be secondary in priority. For now though, they (as well as my 20+ other passions and interests) can hold my primary focus. This time now, as a single young adult is precious and I'm not sure how long it will last, so I'm setting out to use it to its fullest capacity for ministry, goal setting, and dream chasing.
I'd like to encourage any other single young adults out there to fully seize this opportunity. NOW is the time to live a passionate and purpose filled life! Don't wait until you are "in a relationship" or married to have that, go after it NOW. Decide NOW to fully live out the potential God put in you to do great things for HIS kingdom and I promise that you will discover that it is SO much more fulfilling than longing for a season that hasn't yet arrived. Fully invest NOW in the many relationships God has given you, instead of yearning for that one that you don't have. (And as a side note, if we don't take care of the relationships He has already given us, especially family ones, why should He give us another one???)
Many people fear not ever getting married, and have the sneaking suspicion that if we don't get married, we aren't fully living out our purpose. I've got good news for you! We can fulfill our ultimate purpose here on earth with or without being married, because that purpose (last time I read from the Bible) is to bring glory to God.
Let's create a revolution, a ground shaking and world changing movement of young adults who are grateful, giving back, and fully maxing out on the opportunity that singleness brings. Go further your education, devote yourself to a ministry, travel around the world, start a business, or do whatever it is that God has laid on your heart to do.
Singleness can be a blessing or a burden; an opportunity seized, or lost. The choice is up to us.
What will you choose?
~ Maria

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  1. Wow, thanks Maria! Lots of great food for thought! No matter what season of life we are in, we have got to be living it looking to Jesus, pursuing Him wholeheartedly, living joyfully; yes, with goals and dreams, and also fully content in the moment, resting in Him.
    Thanks for posting!


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