Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy >< Life Lately

Can it possibly be almost Christmas?  Time certainly flies when you are busy!  Recently, it seems like there are 50 things running through my head each day that I need to get done, and even staying constantly busy, I can only seem to get about 5 of them done.

Since I have limited time, instead of detailing out in writing everything that has transpired, I will just post some random pictures and add descriptions.  Sound good?  Ok, hold tight and here we gooooo.....

Our Milk cow Mandy with her brand new bull calf.  This was at the end of July so we still had a lot of daisies.  The calf was named "Sauce Face" by Kat and Laura.  We are very original in the names our bull calves from Mandy receive.  Last years calf was named "Steak Head".

The group of fathers and sons that came for a paint balling b-day party for Matthew's 15th birthday.  I think they had a lot of fun shooting each other. :-)  When they got back for dinner though, all of the girls ambushed them with water balloons.  That turned into a full scale water fight ending only (long) after everyone was totally soaked, and someone tuned the water off at the well.  Good times, good times.  

Sunset by the barn.  

The Chippeax family visited us in September.  That was a a lot of fun.  Among other things, we went hunting with them, rode the horses, and had potato and corn wars while harvesting the rest of our garden.  We were all so glad that they could come visit us and see our place. 

Katherine feeding "Sauce Face".  

Chris and I during a layover in the Las Vegas airport.  We took a week long trip to Oklahoma the last week of September to attend the fall black belt test in Jennings, Oklahoma.   We were also able to get training in and visit some with our grandparents.  

Tasha and I before the wedding.  As you have already seen, I was able to be one of the two photographers for her and Hank's wedding.  It was a blast, although I can't say as much for the editing afterwards (editing is my least favorite part)

Mom and I in our matching coats.  (they are the same style just different colors)

I turned 18 on October 25.  The knife in this picture is the super uber cool present that Paul gave me.  Not only is it ORANGE, but it cuts through deer flesh like nobody's business.  

We had a birthday party the week before, with around 90 folks.  It was a lot of fun, so much fun in fact that no one took pictures.:(  My mom planned a big scavenger hunt and we had skeet shooting, and ended the night with a tug of war in the dark.  That was pretty cool, because everyone had glow sticks on when we did it.  It would have made a neat picture!

 In November, our grandparents from Ohio came and visited.  In August, our Uncle (on mom's side), Aunt, and 4 cousins moved to Idaho from Ohio.  It was the first time all of us had been together in over 3 years!

My first buck.  I got this nice guy the week before Thanksgiving.  Chris, Matt, and I all harvested deer this year so our freezers are pretty full. 

Another "new thing" is that Chris, Matt, and I have all started helping as AWANA leaders at a small church nearby.  It may be in a rural community, but there averages around 100 kids there each week!  Anyhow, we are enjoying working with the kids as well as meeting more people from the area.  

Well, that is all for now!  Are ya'll all ready for Christmas?  How was your Fall?



  1. Congrats on your first buck! He has some nice antlers! Looks like the last few months have been filled with excitement. So nice to see a post again.

  2. Hello Maria.
    My computer tragically crashed a few months back, and I lost the link to keep up with your blog. By God's grace I finally 'found' you again.
    This post was a lovely update. I can't believe you are 18! :)
    We are moving to Utah in a few days to begin our new ministry there. Someday we should plan to meet in person.
    Blessings for the New Year.

    1. Hi Sharon! Good to hear from you.
      How exciting that you are moving to Utah! We were just there this summer on our way back home from Oklahoma. We stopped in Moab and went rock climbing/repelling and then continued on up through Salt Lake City.
      It would be a lot of fun to meet up sometime!


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