Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Looking Ahead

Hello, is anybody out there?  Does anyone still read my poor neglected blog?

Once again it has been quite some time since I posted.
 Life has been so incredibly busy and it has been hard to find the time to blog.  Part of the reason why it has been hard, is I'm a little unsure what direction to take my blog in.  I've opened my etsy shop, and want to share things from that on here, but besides that I'm not sure what I should do posts on, so I thought I'd ask you all (if your still reading). 

What do you want to see on Northwestern Girl?  

Here are some ideas I had but you can comment with any ideas you have:

Photography posts
These take me quite some time to put together, and since I haven't been doing a whole lot of photography lately they might be few and far between.  But I can continue with them when possible if it is something ya'll want to see.  

Natural beauty and health
I have been educating myself on and experimenting in this area since about the age of 12.  I've gathered quite the collection of information over the past 6 years.  This category would probably include many DIY's.  

I'm not gonna lie, my life is pretty exciting!  Between being the oldest of 11 children, and the lifestyle our family has chosen, many of my days are filled with all kinds of interesting.  

I have high hopes for my newly opened etsy shop Cowgirl Rags and am hoping to share updates, new products, etc. on here. 

My thoughts...
About life, cultural issues, Biblical convictions, political topics, etc, etc.  (I'm really not sure if people even want to hear what I have to say on things) 

Posts with answers to FAQ, or anything you may be wondering.  

Do you want outfit posts?  Clothing inspiration?  

Horse training
I'm not sure if horse training/problem solving related posts are something people would be interested in or not.  

What do you all think?  Comment below and let me know!  

P.S.  How do you like the new blog look?


  1. Hi Maria! Good to see a post again!

    I like your new blog look, but it is a slight bit of a strain to read--not too bad, but it would be more pleasant if you had either some sort of a more contrasting background right behind your post body or a bolder font. Overall though, it's very nice.

    I'm most interested in photography, your thoughts, lifestyle, and clothing, but you should post whatever you're most inspired to. :)
    God bless!

  2. Hello there, Maria!
    Natural beauty/health and horse training are both things that I personally am SUPER interested in, too! But I really enjoy reading about interesting lifestyles/thoughts and seeing photos as well. :) Anything you post will I am sure be lovely, though!

  3. Natural beauty/health, photography, and your thoughts are all ones I would enjoy seeing.
    P.S. I love the new blog look!

  4. Hi Maria,
    I've been reading your blog almost ever since you started it.....and never commented until now! I have really enjoyed it. You sound rather similar to me in many ways. :) I would be interested in seeing posts on photography, natural beauty and health, lifestyle, thoughts and opinions, clothing......really anything you mentioned I guess! I don't have any animals, but I really love them and would probably enjoy reading anything you write about yours. Anyway, there's my two cents worth! :)
    - Hannah

  5. Hey, I know this post was awhile back but I took just enough time to read it and say, "I should comment." and I went on my merry way. : ) So, I think it would be fun for more posts about your lifestyle...I'd love to see more about ya'lls place, animals, your family happenings, and any animal training how to's/don't's etc...clothing and your thoughts too...so yes! Just post more! Ha! ;D Carinna B.


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