Saturday, July 25, 2015

When The Destination Becomes Too Important

Having goals are a vital part of making progress in life.  They help us have a focus for our energy, time, and money. When we meet goals they serve as mile markers.  But as I have recently discovered, there is such a thing as being too goal driven and focused.

I'm a very goal driven person.  I think in terms of how to get from point A to point B and get totally zoned into that.  So much so, that I can tend forget that the here and now is important and has significance too.

For instance:

When I have been working on a project for 8+ hours straight and am so focused on that, that I won't  take a break to play a game with my siblings when they ask me, I am missing out on a chance to spend quality time with them and build our relationships; A chance that I will never get back.  I may have other chances like that one (though it's not guaranteed), but I will never get that particular chance back.   We won't always live in the same home, we won't always be able to set aside our work to spend time together.  This is only a season and there may come a time that I will wish I could play that game with them and it just won't be a possibility anymore.

Capturing a sunrise or sunset is fun and helps me improve in photography.   But when I'm so focused on getting that "perfect" picture that it robs the joy and wonder from the moment, and I can't appreciate the beauty God created I start to question:  "Is preserving the moment more important than enjoying it? "

 Right now I'm trying to find a balance.  I don't want to be consumed by the here and now and not look ahead and plan for the future, but likewise

I don't want to be so focused on the destination that I forget to appreciate and enjoy the journey. 

You all haven't heard much from me lately very much due to the fact that I don't want to be so wrapped up in blogging about life, that I miss the opportunity to live it.  I haven't been doing much "real" photography lately because I am focusing more on enjoying and soaking up what is going on around me, rather than "perfectly" capturing and preserving it.   My iPhone camera has been my photographic journal of life, so these moments will still be preserved, just not "perfectly".   If you want to see some of those pictures you can follow me on my shop instagram

Do you ever have to take a step back to get rebalanced and just breathe?


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  1. Wow! Very insightful and convicting! That is so true and a good reminder. Getting things done is important but relationships are what last. Is getting this task or project done this moment more important than investing in a life? Which lasts for eternity? Good food for thought. Thanks for sharing. Do I wish I could just "Step back and Breathe"! I had no idea what was coming when I complained about doing my schoolwork in Middle School! :D


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