Thursday, October 8, 2015

Peter + Anastasia // Wedding Pictures

Hello all!  I am back;  at least for a little while.  I cannot believe it is October already!  If this first week is any indication, it looks as though October will be quite lovely here.

 We had a glorious sunrise this morning (which if you follow my Instagram feed you already know) and I enjoyed getting my camera out and taking pictures of that.  I wasn't very active with "real" photography this last summer (posted lots on Instagram though!) due to extreme crazy-busy-wonderfulness, BUT I have a few photo shoots coming up this month and next, including my brother's senior pictures tomorrow.  I am hoping to share pictures from each of the upcoming sessions with you all.  We shall see how that goes.  Hopefully I can break this terrible blogging pattern, aka blogging nothing, and get back into the swing of things!

OK now!  Down to business I go, since you are probably wanting to hear about the wedding that this post is about and not my random ramblings.:)  I was able to be the secondary photographer for a beautiful wedding,  held on a bright sunny August afternoon.  The location was beautiful; the ceremony was sweet, heartfelt, and intimate; and Peter and Anastasia are very obviously head over heels in love.  Oh, and there was lots of purple... as you will soon see!:)  I spent most of the day around her family, and it was so sweet to see the love present between them all.  I really enjoyed being able to take behind the scenes pictures before and after the ceremony, and of course during the ceremony itself.   It was very hard to chose just a few pictures to share.   Now, I'm going to close my mouth... er, stop typing, and let you look through them! 


   Which picture is your favorite?  



  1. All of them are my favorite! Beautiful, beautiful wedding and Anastasia and Peter look so perfect together.

  2. Stunning Maria! I absolutely love scrolling through wedding photos so this was a real treat. ;)

    the elder sister

    P.S. I'm not sure about a favorite, they are all so pretty and spell out the special day, but I do like the B&W of the wedding party afterwards and the one of the bride and groom at the reception holding her shoes. So at ease and epic. :)

  3. So fun to see these! Thanks for sharing!
    I love the one of Anastasia beaming at Peter while her dad was walking her down the steps, and also the shot of them grinning at each other right after the ceremony. Weddings are so fun! =)

  4. Fantastic job Maria! You've got an incredible eye. I love your use of Black and White. Surprisingly I have a hands down favorite: The B&W tenth from the bottom on the right of Anastasia's Niece and Nephew in the foreground with the couple in the background. I love how it captures a moment of time. Great job!


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