Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hank + Tasha // Maternity and Anniversary Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with two special friends at Farragut
State Park.  It was a glorious Sunday afternoon, one of the last of it's kind for the year, and the golden rays of sunshine flitting through the trees made the location look almost magical.
It was so special for me that Tasha wanted me to be their photographer for this unique milestone in their lives; one year anniversary and expecting their first child!  Especially since I helped photograph their wedding last year.  Working with them is a blast; not only are they laid back and a photogenic couple, but they are both have a great sense of humor, and Hank keeps Tasha and I laughing with his antics. :)

Sorting through and editing their photos brought a smile to my heart and face.  They are so happy and perfect together; it has been beautiful watching them go from friends, to courting, engaged, married, and now expectant parents.  

I can't usually choose a favorite after a shoot, but I would say this takes the prize on my card!  It   portrays them so accurately: sweet and content. 

Which one is your favorite? 

~ Maria  

P.S  Can you believe it?!  This is my second post in one week!  


  1. Happy anniversary and congrats to Hank and Tasha! Thanks for sharing the photos, Maria! You did a nice job on the photography.

  2. I love the one year photo with the ring, but they are all beautiful. I always wonder how photographers think these things up.

  3. Love the pictures...You did amazing! I love the rustic.

  4. Hey, and that sure looks like some material from your wedding dress Tasha. ;)


  5. I LOVE them!! Thank you so much Maria!! :D We had such a good time visiting with you and Christopher.

  6. Great job! You've got such a way of capturing the personality of the couple. I love the B&W shot of them looking out at Pend Oreille.


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