Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jordan, Sephora, and Sadie // 6 Month Baby Pictures

This family; so kind and genuine!  It was fun doing pictures with them to mark the first 6 months of  Sadie's life, especially after doing her newborn pictures back in May.  

They are all three so sweet, not to mention photogenic, and I am very blessed to have them as friends!  Here are a few of the pictures from the session I did with them last week.

With her dad as a teacher she is going to be a great hunter one day!  

 Love her eyes!

This girl has enthusiasm!  

Which one is your favorite?  



  1. These are so beautiful! What a cute little girl and sweet family.

  2. Wow! Oh Wow! Have you just fallen in love with taking Baby Pictures??? So awesome!! You captured a lot of great pictures with some unique perspectives! The one that strikes me the most is "Lover her eyes!" (B&W on right, looking up). That is a real Winner!! I love the one just under it "This girl has enthusiasm!" The composition with the leading line from the corner and the line on the right side make it a fantastic composition and I just can't get over that face! It really captures the moment! Great job! I also really like the one just below "With her dad..." of her and her mom laying down. Love it! You're eye for portraiture is truly incredible!


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