Monday, March 24, 2014

A Visit From Friends

Here it has been almost 2 weeks since Jason, Desi, Josiah, and Annalee left and I haven't done a post on their stay.  I didn't really concentrate on trying to get pictures while they were here, but rather just wanted enjoy being around them and soaking up the (too short) time we had with them!
Nonetheless here are a couple of picture take while they were here. 

Miss Annalee in her cute owl hat.

 Jack and Josiah playing the piano

Jason directing Desi for skeet shooting

 Annalee and I

 Annalee and her Daddy

 Annalee and Gracie

 Annalee and Katherine (Doesn't Annalee look like a doll?)

Front row L to R: Sam, Calvin, Jack, Josiah, Gracie, Julia
Back row L to R: Me holding Annalee, Paul, Lauralea, Christopher, Matthew, Katherine, Desi, and Jason
 The night before they flew home mom took this picture of all us kids and them. (ignore the fact that some of us are in our pajamas and have silly looks on our faces, it was getting kind of late)
Jack and Joasiah being adorable

 Calvin and Jason

 Looking at pictures with Desi

 Josiah and Gracie

 Jason and Desi

Josiah and Annalee when we dropped them off at the airport.

Although it seemed to end too quickly, our visit from these dear friends was great!  The first full afternoon and evening with them was spent skeet shooting and enjoying a practice concert at our house from some friends who came over and are preparing for a northern tour this spring.  The rest of their stay was made up of more skeet shooting, showing them the ranch,  remembering old times, and just enjoying being in the same room or vicinity as them.  Unfortunately, this time of year isn't opportune to spend a whole lot of time outside or, there would have been a lot more outdoors activities during their stay.  We were finally able to introduce them to people who have heard so much about them, there were near fights over who got to hold adorable Annalee, and both Jack and Josiah learned some lessons in sharing toys while they were here.: )  

What do you enjoy doing with friends?  What have you been doing lately?



  1. I love all of these pictures! - Desi


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