Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Fun and Friends

You can't tell from this picture, but this was taken at the top of a big hill called "suicide".  I think it got it name because it is one of the steeper hills that are farmed in our area.  Below, you can see all the tracks from snowmobiling. 

Friday we had some friends over for the evening.
 The plan was to sled before dinner and then again after the rest of their family arrived, but everyone seemed to decided it was too much work walking back up the hill (doesn't usually phase either of our families) and after a couple of times going down had snow fights at the top.


The sun was getting low 

Power stance? The snow just shattered around Chris

The most intense of snowball fights was between Matthew and Matthew.

I took a whole succession of photos from their fight, but won't torture you by sharing them all.

 My poor sister dear, appears to have expired 

 The longer we were out there, the prettier the sky got.

 Lauralea and Katelyn, pals in goofiness and sweetness 

Sam, Paul, Calvin, and Carson

 Check out the looks on Sam and Katelyn's faces.  Can't tell what Carson was thinking as he is the brown coated form in the middle of the sled.

 Run Paul, run (I personally prefer to go down the hill by sled or snowmobile)

The rest of the evening consisted of eating, playing games, "messing around" on stringed instruments and visiting.  It was an evening "funly" spent. 

 What do you enjoy doing with friends during the winter months? 


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  1. So beautiful! I would really like to come to your side of the states... You got some great photos!

    Rebekah and I like to so sledding and romps in the snowy woods!



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