Saturday, March 29, 2014

Photo A Day >< March Week 4

Monday ><  I won't spoil it for you but definitely watch!  I know it just looks dark, but wait and there is a surprise towards the end.  It is what my brothers did one evening for some entertainment. : p  

Tuesday >< Paintings hanging on the wall

Wednesday >< Sweet Gracie

Thursday >< A box that Matthew randomly cut a face into and named Freddy.  Quote: "Maria, anytime you are feeling discouraged, just look on top of the refrigerator at poor Freddy, he got turned into a box"  I could not stop laughing.  It was so random and funny, and any of you who know Matthew, know what I am talking about.  Those of you who don't know him, know this:  He is one of the funniest, most quick witted, people I know and keeps us all lighthearted! 

"Freddy" is still on top of the fridge and any time he is referred to some of us just smile and chuckle.: )

Thursday ><  The always fun mirror photo...  You can see my new bangs!

 Thursday >< Dixie.  I wish I would have framed this shot a little bit differently, BUT the fact that I was able to get, even this shot, is a miracle.  She doesn't usually hold her head still long enough to even have a chance at getting a good photo, so I am pleased none the less. : )

Friday >< Little tiny pepper plants that are growing/sprouting in our mud room.  Yay!  It really feels like spring when we start planting things.  In a couple more weeks I will be starting tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce.

For those of you wondering what that video was about, it was an exploding target that they shot.  : ) 


A lot has been going on (that isn't anything new though).  With the weather breaking we have been spending a little bit more time outdoors.  Dad was gone for 11 days on a business trip, in OKC, and just got back last Monday, at about 1:30 in the morning.  We have had a couple of new additions to the ranch, which I will be posting about, hopefully soon.  

I have been staying quite busy with school, piano, and an entrepreneur venture I have recently started to figure out.  Slowly but surely I am making progress on this newest project.  It is hard to not get a little bogged down and impatient, when I can't make everything happen, and figure out all the details at once.  God seems to teach me patience in everything I do. : )  

Yesterday, I also committed to mom that I would take charge of managing Jasper, the pony's training, now that Shiloh is pretty well under control.  It is looking like my plate is full for a while.  That is good though, keeps me out of trouble so people don't have to solve a problem called Maria. : )

What have you been up to lately?  Have any big projects you are working on?



  1. Those painting are perfectly lovely! Did you paint them? That dog picture is so adorable and amazing! It is so funny how some dogs are very much the portrait type and others... not a bit. :) We have a little terrier who is a perfect dream to take lovely photos of, then we have a black lab who is impossible since she is always "laughing" with her ears back. :) I have been getting into a strongly artistic mood of late so I have drawing and writing and what not. I also have been working with my horse, Windfola. How many horses does your family own? I hope you have a lovely day!
    ~ Eowyn

  2. Thank you Eowyn! I painted the one furthest away from the camera. The closet painting was done by Laura, my 11 y/o sister, and the next one was by Katherine, my 13 y/o sister. Haha, yup most of our dogs would probably be in the "hard to take pictures of" category. You have such a neat name for your horse! We have 8 horses and one pony. : )

  3. The paintings are beautiful! You have some real artists in your family!

  4. I loved your pictures....really are special and sweet! Very cute mirror selfie!


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