Friday, March 7, 2014

Photo A Day >< March Week 1

And we are back, with another photo a day.  Yippee!  I only missed one day this week.

3rd >< Watching Tangled per request of Julia, whose 4th birthday was the next morning
4th >< Jack waiting for mom to come out of the health food store/ Shopping at Costco / Waiting for mom and Kat outside of Albertsons. 
6th >< The adorable Annalee.  
7th >< Pretty Miss Lauralea / My favorite camo skirt


Sorry for the shortness of this post.  I can't seem to concentrate long enough to write.  With Desi and Jason and their two adorable kidos here, I am doubly happy about life right now.:)  You may not read a long thought filled post, until after they have gone back home.  I want to spend as much time possible with them while I can.

Which photo from this week is your favorite?



  1. The cutest siblings Maria! :)
    I love the pictures of your shopping haul-so much like our own and your camo skirt- need to make one!


  2. Hello Maria!

    I just ran across your blog last week via Pinterest, and I must say, I fell in love with it the moment I read the title. You are so beautiful, and to think that I too used to live on the western part of the US gives me a thrill of excitement to find another blogger who live in that beautiful country! My family was relocated to Cincinnati Ohio about 6 years ago, and having lived in the states of Oregon and Washington, I miss the wild hills, clear rivers, and breathtaking mountains! Consider yourself blessed!

    One other thing that you have that I have las way longed for since I was a little girl, is the blessing of many siblings. If you visit our blog, you will find only three sisters; that mite sound like ingratitude for the family I have been given, but truly I couldn't be more blessed by my two wonderful sisters! It's only that we three have always longed for at least one brother, and a few younger siblings. All that to say, even though you might have those days when living with younger people might be tiring, know that there are many other young ladies who would gladly slip into your shoes to have the sweet companionship of many brothers and sisters!

    Again, I am so thrilled to have found your blog, and I am already enjoying your posts! May you be blessed richly by The Lord in everything you do!

    Love in Christ,

    The eldest sister & singer

    1. Hello Jessica,

      Welcome! That you for the sweet compliments. How neat that you used to live in this part of the country. What is even more funny is that my mom grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and that is where her and my father met and lived the first almost two years of their married life. I have grandparents that live in Lebanon and an uncle and aunt in Beaver Creek (I think is the name of the town). We used to travel back there every year, but since moving to Idaho it has been almost three years since we have been on Ohio soil.

      Yes many siblings are a blessing! I don't know what I would do without them. Oh, I don't think you sound ungrateful, but rather wishful... Nothing wrong with that! Thank you for the words of encouragement. There are times when it is hard being the oldest, but I am glad God placed me in this position, non the less!


    2. Oh my goodness! How neat that your family roots are here in our State! I would never have guessed. Unfortunately, we do not travel up the the Beaver Creek or Dayton area much, we are just an hour south, however we live very very close to Lebanon, so there might be a chance that we have seen or met your grandparents! Its a small world after all!

      Have a splendid day!




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