Friday, February 14, 2014

Around The Ranch >< Cows

First off, Happy Valentines Day!

 And now, moving on...

It can't be Friday again already! This week positively flew by, and not only did I not get the pictures taken for the outfit post I had in mind, I didn't get any Photo A Day pictures.  This week was great, I just didn't get things, blog related, done that I wanted to.  Instead, I will introduce you to some of the cows around the ranch.  While most of the cows are either referred to by their number or a distinguishing characteristic, some of them have names. 

 I took these pictures last Friday, unfortunately things are no longer as pretty around here as they are in these pictures.  Almost all of the snow is melted leaving behind probably near 12" of mud in some places

This is Mandy, our milk cow.  She is an Angus x Jersey and to the left is her little bull calf from the end of last summer.  To the right is "Taffy" a heifer we bought at the livestock auction in 2012.  As Mandy did not have a calf at the time she adopted "Taffy" and looked after her for a long time.  It seems the three of them are pals.

This cow is known as "White Face Mama".  She is the only cow we own that has some Hereford in her.  All the rest are either, red or black angus, or red poll.  This is off topic, but aren't the mountains just gorgeous?

This lil' gal was quite apprehensive of me.  She is someone else's calf and is here with her momma who is visiting the bull.

Here we have "Daisy".  She is also an Angus x Jersey mix and the only black cow with horns.  Because of her horns, she thinks she is "big stuff" and can a bit of an attitude at times.

Last but not least is "Paris".  She is a red poll that I halter broke her last year with the intent of training her to milk.  Never did get around to milking her, but am hoping to this year, while Mandy is on break.

Well, there you have it.  An introduction to to a few of the cows around here.  Want to come and meet the rest?

How was your week? Do you like cows? Did you do anything fun with your family for Valentines day? Dad and mom went to a banquet at church so us kids are having a film festival, and ice cream party at home. Good times.:)



  1. How beautiful! Yes, I like cows! :)
    Ha! We had the same kind of party over here with the kids! Mom and Dad dropped off a load of scrap metal and then went out for dinner. :p

    From the last time....That is just amazing that you did that skirt without Olivia's pattern! It is so much like it- just amazing! I was so happy when my Mom bought it for me! :)

    Oh, and I read your Awk+Awe on one of Olivia's posts- I loved the guy cutting your fabric one! The same thing happened at our Hobby Lobby- Bek and I were laughing all day- which probably wasn't very nice.... :)


    1. Yay for sibling parties!

      Haha. Yeah, guys working in fabric stores is awkward period, but then to have them cutting your fabric and making comments about it like a woman would? No it's not nice, but I am guilty of the same sort of thing.;)

  2. I loved meeting your cows! I've never really been around cows, and I have to admit that they kind of intimidate me because they're so large (which is weird, because I'm not scared of horses at all), so I don't know if I like them or not. :)
    Your mom and dad were at one of my tables last night at the banquet. They looked like they were having a really good time:)
    And your film festival with the kids sounds perfect!! :D

    1. I totally know what you mean about them being intimidating! Mandy was the first cow we bought and I didn't even want to really touch her the first time we saw her at the Ownbey's. (And I am completely comfortable around horses as well!) After being around them for a while and figuring out the way their minds work, they aren't intimidating anymore, and are rather nice to be around.:) You will have to spend some time around them when you come over!
      Mom said you were serving at their table... Yes, I think they did have a good time!


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