Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo a Day >< February >< Week 1

3rd >< Paul blowing his candle out.  Until now, I had never caught any of my siblings in the middle of blowing the candles out... Really changes the way someone looks / Cherry pie.
5th >< Sunset on the mountains/ Some of the flowers I painted under the tutelage of my friend Amanda!:)
6th >< Picture I took using a tripod.
7th >< Katherine being innovative and trying to paint leaves using her mouth.

This week has flown by incredibly fast!  Monday was Paul's 10th birthday and as part of the festivities most of the other kids went sledding.  I was unable to due to school and having a partial relapse of the bug that kept me on the couch two days last week.  

Tuesday, we enjoyed watching the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye.  That was very interesting! I am hoping to go back and re watch it though since I missed a couple parts.  Hoping to do a post on that soon.

How was your week? Did you watch the debate?



  1. Hello! I'm also a homeschooled girl who loves bluegrass, the country, photography, and modesty. I think I originally found your blog through the Modest Mom blog, but I can't remember. Anyway, I enjoy your posts a lot - and also watched the debate with our church. :) I love your photography- it is so pretty.
    Sister in Christ,

  2. Wow, that pie looks delicious!
    My favorite this week is you looking out the window. Such a serene scene. :)


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