Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photo a Day >< February Week 2

I put together this post last Friday, and thought it was published, but something must have happened.... Oh well, enjoy! 

17th >< Sam cutting up anduile sausage for dinner
18th >< Calvin with the new spurs he got for his birthday. Chris made the fancy straps. 
19th >< A box of love from the Chippeaux family! What a sweet surprise, thank you all!
20th >< Jeans hanging on the horseshoe hooks in the bedroom.
21st  >< The sun peeking from behind the clouds


The week having been mostly spent in school, we spent this afternoon on some different projects.  Mom and us girls did some much needed cleaning around the house while Christopher made a new pig feeder and Matthew and Paul finished a bull pen.  Having the pen finished Chris, Matt, Kat, Laura, and Paul sorted the bull calves (from last summer) out from the rest of the herd, and into the new pen. 

 I am hoping to have somewhat of a laid back day tomorrow, although a couple of things are on the agenda.  I have one skirt, a camo one, to finish up for my friend Amanda, and two new skirts for Julia and Valarie to make.  I am also hoping to redo the chipped nail polish on my nails, and should probably make food to take with us on Sunday for lunch.  Besides all that and piano practice, it should prove to be a relaxing day.:)

What are you hoping to get done tomorrow? Do you keep projects for Saturday, or try to take it easy?


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