Saturday, April 5, 2014

CELP Results & Horsing Around

Hey Everyone!  Well, as I mentioned in Thursday's post,  I went in for my first CLEP test yesterday morning.   Thank God, I passed!  I now have my first 6 college credits, for Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, after about 2 months of intense study.  Yay!  

Now, on to tackle Western Civilizations 1.

Cell phone pic= bad quality (oh well)

After my test, I went over to an acquaintance's home and worked with her and her horse, teaching them the 7 games plus another.
 Billy, who is a Left Brain Extrovert (to the extreme), is one of the smartest, most charismatic, horses I have come across and caught on really quickly!  He is pretty pushy though, likes to try and step on your feet, has a tendency to bite people, and likes to buck.

Not cool.

Overall, he has a serious lack of respect for people.  I am certain though, that with her playing and winning the 7 games with him, that a very different horse is going to start to emerge!  That is the really great thing about the 7 games.  They help you gain your horses respect and build a relationship, through the means of love, language, and leadership.  

Even though the weather wasn't the choicest, with rain, hail, and wind on and off it was certainly a lot of fun none the less.  Working with horses never seems like "work" to me, and I really enjoyed visiting with and getting to know her better.

How was your Friday?  What kind of "work" do you really enjoy doing?


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