Thursday, April 3, 2014

Newcomers >< Ranch Life

There are some new faces around the ranch, can you guess what they are?? 

Calves!  I have lost track of the running count so far, but there are quite a few already, with lot's more comin'! 

 Some of the mamas are quite skittish, and you can't get very close to their babys without them panicking.

This lil one's mama isn't skittish, but he still isn't too sure I am not out to eat him with my black device that flashes lights and makes sounds. : )

While those newcomers have arrived by birth, another significant one, arrived via a truck and horse trailer a couple of weeks ago...

Folks, meet Patton.  
Patton meet Folks. 

He is the newest addition to our small, but growing, horse herd making 9 equines.  At 16 years old, he is well trained and old enough to know better than to do anything "juvenile", but being half Arab, still has get up and go!  He is super responsive, to pressure and the slightest contact... I was able to hop up on him bareback with a rope halter and one rein,  ride him all over the place, and he did awesome!  He is definitely going to be one of the new favorite "joy rides" with quite a few of us this summer (aka a horse that can be ridden just for the sake of pleasure, and not training).

Aren't you glad I introduced you to such a handsome fellow?


Well, I had better go, I need to get to bed and get a good nights rest.  Tomorrow morning, I go and take my first CLEP test.  It is a 80 question, 90 minute, timed test.  If I pass it will mean my first 6 college credits, If I fail *cringe* it means 6 months 'till I can retake it.   I feel very prepared though and have done lots of studying and practice tests over the past 2 months.  Lord willing that I am able to think clearly under the pressure,  I believe I will pass.   Will let everyone know how it goes!

Do you have any new animals around your place?  Have you ever taken CLEP tests before?



  1. The calves are so cute--especially the one with his tongue sticking out!

  2. Hi Maria! Oh goodness...beautiful horse! You make me wish I was back "home" at my family's ranch. ;-) good luck on your CLEP exam! I took two of them my first year of college. Which one are you taking? I took the Spanish ones because that's my first language and it seemed pointless (and a lot of money) to take those classes. ;-) I hope you do great!

    1. Thanks Gabriela! I am taking the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. The next one I take this semester will be Western Civ 1.

      Oh, that definitely makes sense for you to have taken the CLEP tests instead of the classes if that is your first language!

  3. Ooh, Patton is a handsome boy! Can't wait to meet him in person this summer!! :D


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