Monday, April 14, 2014

Photo A Day >< April Week 1

Monday >< A wrought iron cross that survived the tornado... It is one of my favorite decorations!
Tuesday >< Jack having a blast in Dad's truck while Chris and Math were cleaning it out. Aren't his boots cute?
Friday >< Chris, with an early birthday present.  Man was he excited!/ Night lights while driving home from a friends place.


Starting on Friday, last weekend was packed full and very busy! A friends place for dinner and games on Friday.  Saturday,  Mom and us girls all went to Keepers at Home, a monthly Bible study/brunch/skill learning time that our church has for the ladies of the church.  I really appreciated the study, and afterwards we learned how to make live greenery and flower wreaths for the summer time.

Sunday, we arrived back home to find one of our mama cows dead.   She was laying down in the creek, and the best dad could figure was that she stumbled and fell down the incline into the creek and somehow broke her neck or back on the way down.  Chris had just seen her before we left that morning, so it happened sometime while we were gone.  Unfortunately, she had not calved yet, so we lost the calve as well. 

Today, was Christopher's 16 birthday.  Him and Matthew worked on fixing a pump at the barn most of the morning and this afternoon 7 of us went for a nice ride for about 2 hours.  The weather outside has been amazing, and I got my first sunburn last week while on a ride with Math and Laura.  As I work on this post we are watching a family favorite "The Man From Snowy River".  While it does need a clearplay filter due to some occasional language it is a movie that we all really like!

Well, I have a bit more to get done before bed so had better end this post.

How was your weekend?  How are are you enjoying your Spring?  Have you ever seen "The Man From Snowy River"?



  1. Love the picture of Jack in the truck!! :D
    That's too bad about the cow.
    And I love The Man from Snowy River!! We were just talking about that movie after Bible study. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness! What lovely pictures! I just love (love love love love love love) that second picture! That little boy is just SO cute! Oh my....! And you look so lovely in that selfie! I am new to your blog but 100% will follow! Love it! Can't wait for you next posts!

  3. Nice pictures!

  4. So sorry to hear about your cow and her baby. Very sad!
    I really like your first picture of the cross. Powerful presentation, Maria.


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