Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Golden Hour

 Last Friday, I "ran" into Moscow with dad and some of the boys to pick up a few things for Easter dinner.  While we were waiting for the pizza to be made, that we were taking home for dinner, I saw the lovely tree that the first few pictures are of and decided to take some pictures.  The lighting was perfect since it was "the golden hour" and the rest of the trip ended up being a photo shoot with me coming home with almost 400 pictures.  About half of these pictures I took while we were driving, so the smears and handprints on the truck windows are pretty obvious.: )

Town shots are something I don't usually get very many of, and while taking and then going through the pictures, it made me think of how glad I am to live outside of town.  

What would you rather photograph town or country?  Where would you rather live?


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