Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo A Day >< April Week 2

I really wanted to have this up on Friday, but due to some technical issues, it was delayed in being posted.  This week, Monday was the only day I didn't take pictures.  Friday came out the winner for the most pictures taken at over 400.: )

Ok, on to the pictures...

Sunday >< Fresh pork+ BBQ sauce = AMAZING!  (As a side note, have any of you ever noticed that bbq sauce goes great on just about everything, meat wise)
 We had our pigs butchered over 2 weeks ago, and this was the first of what we got after processing.  I had meant to do a post on the butchering but, all the pictures I got were on a cell, and they didn't come through to my email.

Tuesday >< This lil' guy was born Tuesday morning and his mama, who was a heifer, didn't want to take care of him.  Go figure it was a cold, windy, rainy day, and she hadn't even dried him.  She was playing REALLY hard to catch, and we were unable to get her into a pen in the barn (she even went so far as to jump into a pond and swim around in it to avoid being caught), so some of the others brought him to the mud room to warm up. There he stayed, for most for the day, and over night, and we had to feed him Mandy's milk.  Thankfully, the next day we were able to successfully catch the mom and stanchion her so he could nurse.  End of the day found her taking care of him just like a good momma should.: )

Wednesday >< Going to do chores.  We were late, as can be seen by how high the sun was in the sky. Horrible picture, I know.

Thursday >< Laura practicing violin

Friday >< One of the cats 

Friday >< The wheels on mom's truck are amazing! 

Yet Another Friday >< Mom playing violin by fire light

Saturday >< Dad and Mom getting ready to leave on an excursion for the afternoon. 


Which photo from this week is your favorite? 


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