Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo-a-Day >< January >< Week 3

13th- Our three little pigs eating like, well, pigs.
14th - My brother practicing his banjo (love the way it sounds).
15th- The setting moon, taken right after morning chores/ driving home from Moscow in the evening.
17th- My silhouette, and cowboy boots.

Ok, so I have to say I am pretty excited about the moon shot. While I know it isn't extraordinary or anything, I have always wanted to photograph the moon and this was the first time, ever, that the pictures turned out.  Either I overexposed the shots, or the moon wasn't near enough to the horizon to be bigger than a small dot, or they were blurry from holding the camera by hand.  Finally, I was able to get it all together and come away with some shots I liked.:)

Which do you like the best?  Do you ever photograph the moon?



  1. I'm so glad you decided to do a Photo a Day, too!! These photos are beautiful, especially the moon shot! That's on my list for this year, since I've never been successful with moon photos either. I think they're just lovely, though:)

  2. I do take photos of the moon! So glad you got such a beautiful shot. :)
    My favorite photo this week would have to be the banjo.

  3. Hi Maria!
    It's been fun reading your blog again!
    My favorite is the banjo picture. =) Maybe I should get out mine and practice!
    I also like the moon shot. I've never got a good picture before of that either. Yours is really nice. =)

  4. WHAT! I didn't know you had a blog again!!! Enjoying reading your posts!

  5. Oh, I am sorry Maggie! I emailed the link to your families email address but maybe it didn't come through?? Glad you are enjoying it!


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