Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo-a-Day>< Week Two

5th- Fence silhouetted against the sky/ My favorite belt buckle
6th- Puppies asleep on the rug... What could be more fun?
7th- My braided headband
8th- Cisco up close- Daddy's horse

After being inspired by my friend Natasha, over at Day by Day, I decided to join in on the photo a day challenge.  I had very good intentions to get these up before now but obviously that did not happen.  This challenge is going to be a great motivator  for me to set aside some time each day to take pictures. Often times I just don't do that because I get so busy.  It feels great to do it every day because photography is one of the things that helps me relax and recharge my thinking batteries.:) 



  1. Great work Maria!
    I love your composition... and of course your western topics.

  2. You've got talent: that's for sure! I love all the photos.....the dogs are really cute!


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