Sunday, January 26, 2014

Family Fun >< Shooting Skeet

For this "fantastic-ly" fun sport you need a few key components:

1. The right equipment, which includes: skeet launcher, clay pigeons, shotgun(s), and lots of ammo

2. Some handsome lil' cowboys to send your targets up into the air (handsome is optional) 

>Paul and Sam<

3. Some sharp shooters (don't have to be sharp shooters, but it is nice so all your pigeons aren't launched into the air and smashed to bits on the ground in vain)





>Yours truly<


4. A really good victory pose

Friday evening, and Saturday morning, we got our skeet launcher and shotguns out and had a grand ole' time skeet shooting.  Dad and mom bought the launcher last summer when they were in MT for a short getaway and this weekend was the first time we actually stopped the projects we had going on and had some fun with it.  Oh, and did we ever have fun.  

Do you skeet shoot? Do you enjoy firearm sports/competitions?



  1. Loving these pictures! I would like to shoot skeet, but I never have...I haven't even shot a shotgun before, which is rather sad. I have done some shooting though, with rifles...and a BB gun. ;D
    Hey, maybe when we come out this summer for our visit, we can shoot skeet! That would be awesome!! :D

    1. Tasha, yes that would be awesome, and we will definitely have to do that!! Just be sure to remind us in case we forget.:) We could get a game of round robin going, boys and girls, then have the finalists from both categories do a round.:)

  2. Looks like so much fun! :)

    Amanda Barnard


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